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About Boynton

Boynton is a family owned and operated business. We have been in the Boynton Beach tree care service industry since 1992, when we started serving our neighbors in Boynton Beach and the surrounding communities, following the devestation of Hurricane Andrew.

Dedication, reliablity, honesty and quality are the cornerstones of our tree service standards, and every job we undertake is started and finished on that foundation.

At Boynton, your trees and plants are our business. For this reason, we are continually learning and growing, in order to serve you better. Our dedication to serving our neighbors in and around Boynton Beach, and their dedication to using our services, have helped us continue our education and growth over the years. This has been achieved in part, by making sure we treat our customers with respect, and never ask for more money than what was agreed upon, once the job has started.

Industry Relationships

At Boynton, we knew from the beginning, it would be more advantageous for our customers, if we could provide all the services they needed in a one-stop-shop solution. With this in mind, we began to partner with other local industry professionals, in an effort to include all the peripheral services required under our banner of services. We are proud of the relationships we have forged over the years, in the tree service industry. The partnerships we have developed with other tree care professionals gives us the opportunity to continue to learn and grow, while allowing us to serve you even better.

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